Stefan's Head - Dollar Rave Club

Hello curious. It looks like you’re the type to poke around a bit, and I like that. You’ve poked yourself right into Stefan’s Head…'s referral program. It’s called the Dollar Rave Club. For each person you get to opt into the list, I’ll send you a dollar bill in an envelope, along with something ravey. Just have them text me "skull" and your full name when they reach out to me.

Let's say your name is "Anfernee Hardaway". You would have your friend text me "skull Anfernee Hardaway." I would accept "skull lil Penny" in this case.

Few things:

1. If the person is lame, you don’t get a dollar and they don’t get on the list

2. Said person needs to opt-in before they count as a person

3. I’ll send you an envelope of 5 singles from a strip club after every 5 referrals

4. This won’t pay off your student loans

5. Unless you’re home schooled

6. Which is fine

7. There’s nothing wrong with being home schooled

8. See you on the inside


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