Stefan's Head


Welcome to Stefan’s Head Help Page. Pleasure to have you here.

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Text 646-759-0904.

Now back to the show.


My name is Stefan, and I’m a dealer of Things via SMS. If you’re on the list, I’ll text you 1-3 times per week with a new drop. These “drops” typically fall into four categories: fashion, accessories, music or culture.

Wait, What?

Stefan’s Head is a text-message list for people who like cool shit. Think of this as a mix between a curator, a shop, a magazine & a drug dealer - all delivered over a text from a friend (that’s me, your friend).

What’s with the “Head” part?

I think everyone’s got the makings of an alter ego inside their head. We all have fantasies of doing stuff like leaving our job, buying a motorcycle and heading for South America to be a writer or a photographer while learning a language and befriending locals. But it usually stays inside our heads. I want to help bring that out and inspire your alter ego through the unfiltered things inside my head, because that’s where things get interesting. It might get a little weird sometimes but I’m just doing what’s right for your alter ego. I hope you say, "Stefan is a fucked up bro. But I like him. And I like my new alter ego Todd, too.” Don’t name your alter ego Todd. Sorry if your name is Todd.

Why Text Message?

• I hate talking on the phone

• Email is for bozos


I will never spam you (unless I’m selling actual spam ironically, which could happen). This is why you have to opt in before our relationship begins. I need to you know you want me.


I use a third party payment system called Stripe. It’s like a modern day PayPal. If you want to purchase anything, I’ll text you a Stripe link and you’ll fill out your info once. After that you’re in the system and you can purchase by simply texting “snoop dogg” or any other word that applies.


Please text me to ask about returns as the return policy will vary by product.


After a purchase, I will text you the tracking information. Most orders are fulfilled and delivered within 7 business days. Text me with any questions or requests regarding expedited shipping or address changes.

If you have any questions, just text me (646-759-0904). If you’re one of those old school peeps who likes to email, send it to Until then, the following are some of my interests. I know you didn’t ask for it, but I’m going to give it to you anyway.

Things I like:


• bird watching

• moped riding

• telescoping on boats

• bocce


• dirt bikes

• red 80s sports cars


• telephone booths

• old school phones

• beaches

• neon signs


• cacti (or cactuses)

• palm trees

• bushes and shrubs

• bonsai

Favourite Colors

• pastel Red

• Red

• pastel Aqua

• blacks shifted to reds/greens

• whites shifted to offwhites / creams

• royal Blue

• orange

• yellow

• burnt orange


• circles

• half circles

• triangles

• rectangles

• diagonal lines

• horizontal lines

• vertical lines

Book genres

• crime

• mystery

• thrillers


• milk out of a coffee mug


• European

• Cool looking


• Great Hair